1. Notice of Inquiry31 Oct 2018
  2. Issues Paper16 Nov 2018
  3. Initial ConsultationNov/Dec 2018
  4. Draft Report25 Mar 2019
  5. Report ConsultationMar/Apr 2019
  6. Final Report17 May 2019

Final Report

The Commission is inquiring into the efficiency and effectiveness of State Government goods and services procurement. The Stage 1 inquiry examined the existing procurement framework and considered insights from other jurisdictions to identify reform options that improve procurement practices to positively impact on business and employment.


As per the terms of reference, the Stage 1 report was delivered to the Premier on 17 May 2019.

Next Steps

Consistent with Premier and Cabinet Circular PC Circular-046, the final report will be published on this website within 90 days.

The Commission will now complete Stage 2 of the inquiry into Government Procurement as set out on the terms of reference.


Giselle Oruga
T: 08 8226 7764
E: giselle.oruga@sa.gov.au

Inquiry Lead

Dr Matthew Butlin, Presiding Commissioner
T: 08 8226 6448
E: matthew.butlin@sa.gov.au

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